Tango Por Dos

Miguel Angel Zotto, choreographer, director and star of Tango Por Dos, is inspired by the history of dance, remembers its roots in dance rituals of the Indians, captures the atmosphere of Buenos Aires in his choreography, the city that gave birth to tango. He directs a show that follows the famous erotic dance from the darkness of the fringe to the light of Hollywood and of world recognition.

He comes on stage with Daiana Guspero giving a dance recital, with steps and movements that are hardly captured by the human eye. They are surrounded by 18 dancers and 6 musicians virtuosos.

Tango Por Dos, tango for two, bring in Athens Tango Raices, a spectacle of dance, music, costumes and lighting. The show has great success, people love it and elicits rave reviews.

  • Dates: From: 30 March 2017 To: 01 April 2017
  • Admission €20-65
  • Location Megaron The Athens Concert Hall