Opus Cactus

When you watch a performance of Momix, you wonder if what you see is really happening or if you are imagining it. Expressive codes violate the natural laws of gravity, the boundaries between the possible and the impossible are lost.

It is an American team of athletic - acrobatic dance and it is one of the most important artistic figures of this kind internationally. Founder and artistic director is the renowned choreographer Moses Pendleton.

"Opus Cactus" was designed for twenty-minutes presentation of Arizona ballet, but it turned into a spectacle that hypnotizes the viewer.

“Few theater artists today can achieve the level of visual splendor and theatrical magic that Mr. Pendleton can conjure from essentially the sparest of means.”

The Wall Street Journal

  • Dates: From: 21 December 2016 To: 26 December 2016
  • Admission 20-60€
  • Location Pallas