Yuppi Du!

Hippies, Magic Bus, Concerts, Coenobia and Love in a hitchhiking trip from the time of Lennon until the birth of Disco.

Late 60's. The great blooming of music, the wound of Vietnam. Questioning the ownership, the education system, social contracts. Five young people take their bags and start their journey in the world. From America and Europe to Vietnam and India we watch the company grow, get excited, sometimes in difficulty and doubt, but always hoping and trying for a more honest and humane world . Humor, song, love, but also questions that sound more relevant today than ever.

The company knows how to live singing and five young people travel all over the world desiring to get to know, rather than to conquer same. At the same time we hear songs of Rolling Stones, Doors, Lennon, Santana, The Who, Pink Floyd, Queen, Cure, Boney M, Bee Gees in orchestration and teaching by Christos Theodorou . The text of the show is by Anthonis Peris and the direction by Katerina Fotiadi.


Paris Thomopoulos

Hara Kotsali

Constantinos Bibis

Nicholas Papadomichelakis

Penelopi Tsilika

Roly Giamopoulou ( drums )

Petros Kremizakis (bass )

Yiotis Paraskevaides (guitar)

Costume Design / Construction: Katerina Savrani

Editing Audio / Video: Alexis Gikas

Assistant Director: Chrissa Markata

  • Dates: From: 28 October 2013 To: 30 December 2013
  • Starting time 22:30 Every Monday
  • Admission 5 - 8 €
  • Location Faust