Lost Bodies

Lost Bodies

“Music from the empty quarter”

Lost Bodies first appeared in the independent music scene in Athens in 1985. They have now completed 32 years of continuous presence.

In their concert they will present their music which is usually heard indoors and has not been played live. Atmospheric, lyrical, experimental and in poetry of Yvan Goll, Konstantinos Kavafis, Miltos Sachtouris, Aris Alexandrou and others.

For the first time Antonis will appear on stage, one of the two founding members of the group, which has never before appeared in public for the last three decades.

 Lost Bodies are:

Thanos & Celia (voice)

Antonis (lap top)

Giorgos & Kostantis (guitars)

Vassilis (bass)

Leandros (percussion)

  • 08 April 2017
Starting Time
Ticket Prices
  • Admission: €8