Design 9am

Welcome to Ghostradio, a station inspired by stories and tales, with no special effects or unwanted words.  Our music choice is eclectic and tells its own story through the various colors of the universal palette, bringing together the passion of musicians from all over the world.

Nothing happens without reason and no lists are generated automatically by a computer program. Musical variations, changing rhythms and melodies and different orchestrations were chosen from our hearts based on our knowledge, whilst every song expresses its own unique message. They all sound together in a limitless harmony.

Songs of the present, memories of the past, myths and legends that make the music itself, whether familiar or unknown,  keep us company in our wanderings together with all we can feel but not see, when the words are transformed into notes; they take us to bed in the evenings and wake us up each morning.

The following contributed to the realisation of Ghostradio:

  • Renata Dikeopoulou
  • Lila Alexaki
  • Chris Galanis
  • Angelos Karalias
  • Katerina Katramadou
  • Sophia Catsambi
  • Leda Kotzia
  • Eva Koussi
  • Romina Kivelou
  • George Markou
  • Costas Degas
  • Thanassis Papathanassiou
  • Constantinos Papathanassiou
  • Vassiliki Saslidi
  • Yannis Kantarelis